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Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer

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Part Number:6S81964

The Reef Glass Nano Skimmer is a high quality air pump driven protein skimmer specially designed for nano reef aquariums. It is based on the traditional air-driven method using limewood airstone with many improvements. The unique design is very simple, yet elegant and functional.


  • Skimmer body made of high quality Pyrex glass. The unique design eliminates the need for a side drain, making it simpler and more robust. Made, cut and fire polished in the USA.
  • Polycarbonate mount that fits most rimless and rimmed tanks. The design allows for air and drain tubing to be organized and incorporates options for back and front screws, adding versatility. Also, made in the USA.
  • Small size, ideal for nano reef aquariums up to 30 gallons.
  • Straight shape allows for easy replacement of the limewood airstone from the top of the skimmer without removing it from the mount.
  • Includes limewood airstone, two-hole rubber stopper, tubing and all necessary connectors. All you need is an air pump that can deliver around 1 L/min of air and a waste container (good opportunity to recycle a plastic bottle).
  • Silent operation.
  • Does not add heat to your nano reef aquarium, unlike Venturi and needle wheel pump skimmers.
  • Improves water oxygenation.
  • Dimensions: 1.25"x 1.25"x 11.5"
  • Fits tanks with thickness up to 1"
A sufficient air pump is required and sold separately.

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